Trees in cities are drying up more and more every year. Why?

You have probably noticed this summer that trees in your garden and near park are not in top conditions. The top branches of the canopy are dry, leaves are not green but little bit yellow, with brown dots from pests.

The vitality of your beloved trees is starting to fall under influence of climate changes, compaction of the soil, lack of humus and organic matter on the ground. And also every year there is less number of earth worms which task is to aerate the ground. If you do not start to do something, trees will turn dry in few years. But what to do? How could you help them to bring back vitality?


Our company, which applies the principles of HOLISTIC ARBORICULTURE by studying the causes of tree diseases, has developed a revitalization project and guidelines for restoring the vitality and health of the tree.

It is first necessary to install several bags of Herbafertil, a patented soil improver, produced by the Herbafarm-magnolia company from Zagreb, around the trunk of each low vitality tree by drilling.

After installation of Herbafertil, it will increase quantity of roots about 6-7kg per one bag. 6 bags will initiate 36-42 kg of new roots on your tree in one year.  And that will restore loosen vitality of your trees. We produced also survival kit for your beloved low vitality tree which contains 6 pieces of Herbafertil.

Ugradnja Herbafertila u Zagrebu i Splitu

After all, story could have a happy end.

We are looking for partners oriented on helping community and trees to stay vital and healthy.