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Current condition:

The current condition in cities:

We are increasingly finding slow-growing, low vitality trees in tree-lined avenues, parks and around shopping centres.

Trees are becoming ill and decaying due to a lack of nutrients and because of the stressful growth conditions in small, crowded green spaces, in narrow belts along roads and in parking lots.

Until now, the profession has not had a suitable solution for fertilizing existing trees that would act directly on the roots.


Current supply in shops

The shop shelves feature a wide selection of different substrates that have a partial effect. Often in large and impractical packaging.

It is difficult to find a product on the market that contains all the nutrients needed during planting that are required for optimal growth and development of greenery.


The solution for this problem is a new, innovative product, HERBAFERTIL.

After application of this product, the plant shows better vitality and resilience, is less susceptible to disease, and has a healthier appearance.

Application of Herbafertil stimulates lusher and longer blooming and fertility, and the plan has better access to water and moisture in the soil.


Possible uses:
  • As a fertilizer during the planting of new trees and shrubs
  • For regular fertilization of existing ornamental trees and shrubs, every two years
  • Quick revitalization of plants and biological enhancement of soil
  • Recovery of low vitality and slow-growing ornamental trees and shrubs in tree-lined avenues, parks, and strips along roads
  • Achieving better vitality and higher yields in olive, fruit and grape growing

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