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1) Herbafetil Recoverytree:

for the recovery of slow-growing or damaged trees
- jute bag weighing 3.0 kg

Herbafertil Recoverytree is a product for professional use whose application encourages the recovery of low vitality trees and shrubs, and is applied by installation using a motor drill in the root zone. It is intended for arborists, horticulturists, urban foresters and companies and experts involved in the maintenance of trees and greenery in public or private areas, gardens, parks, alleys, residences.

It provides fruit trees with lusher and longer flowering and fertility, as well as a longer presence of water and moisture in the soil.

After applying Herbafertil Recoverytree, plants become more vital, more resistant, less susceptible to disease and have a healthier appearance.

What Herbafertil Recoverytree can be used for:
  • Nutrition when planting new seedlings of trees and shrubs
  • Regular fertilization of existing ornamental shrubs and trees, every two years
  • Rapid plant revitalization and biological soil improvement
  • Recovery of low-vitality and slow-growing ornamental shrubs and trees in tree-lined avenues, parks, and roadside belts
  • Achieving better vitality and higher yields in olive growing, fruit growing and viticulture

2) Herbafertil Plantastic:

- big-bag packing 1000 lit

Organomineral mixture for optimal growth and development of plants in horticulture and horticulture.

It is based on the basic concept of Herbafertil, and allows the exchange of gasses in the root system of plants, retains moisture, prevents leaching of nutrients into groundwater and is active for two years, and contains among other natural components: biochar, zeolite, perlite, peat, humic and fulvic acids, essential amino acids, necessary nutrients and plant hormones.

Product characteristics of Herbafertil Plantastic mixture:
  • organomineral mixture for fertilizing trees, higher shrubs, ornamental grasses and lower shrubs / perennials
  • contains all nutrients for min. two years for optimal plant growth and development
  • allows the exchange of gasses in the root system
  • application when planting new plants
  • prevents leaching of nutrients into groundwater
  • retains moisture
  • provides root strengthening, lush growth, lush and longer flowering
  • Herbafertil Plantastic contains bio carbon, zeolite, perlite, peat, humic and fulvic acids, essential amino acids, and all the necessary nutrients and plant hormones for healthy plant growth and development.

3) Herbafertil Reforest:

- mini bags of biodegradable collagen

Professional organomineral hydrophilic mixture in mini collagen bags for optimal growth and development of plants during afforestation.

The composition of Herbafertila Reforest is based on the specific needs of forest seedlings used in afforestation of forest areas after windbreaks, forest fires, in the restoration of forest stands, filling or conversion of forests.

Herbafertil Reforest provides forest seedlings for afforestation with its hydrophilic composition a basic amount of moisture, so that they can survive dry periods after planting.

Also, natural amino acids help seedlings to successfully overcome the stress of transplanting from nurseries to the sparse and harsh soil conditions of afforested areas.

The humic and fulvic acids and other natural plant nutrition ingredients contained in Herbafertil Reforest provide the forest seedling with a basis for fast and healthy growth and enable it to compete successfully with the rapid growth of weed species as well as resistance to fungal leaf diseases.

Herbafertil Reforest, by strengthening cell membranes and strengthening seedling roots, is a new way of afforesting forest areas that increases the success rate.

survival. It successfully contributes to reducing the cost of care and additional planting of seedlings because it reduces the necessary human labor and the consumption of replacement seedlings.

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