Recovery of damaged trees from construction machinery

During the construction work on private house, contractors had covered the roots of a nearby walnut (Juglans regia) with extra layer of soil.

So, roots could not get enough rain water nor were able to exchange gases in root system. Also, pathogen fungi are in progress. Our company, which applies the principles of HOLISTIC ARBORICULTURE by studying the causes of tree diseases, has developed a revitalization project and guidelines for restoring the vitality and health of the tree.


At first we removed excess soil around the trunk to enable bark lenticels to exchange gases. Than we use drilling machine to drill 30cm deep and 15cm wide holes. In that holes we installed 10 jute bags of our patented soil improver Herbafertil, based on natural nutrients, amino acids, bio-char and other root friendly ingredients. As our proven concept, every installed bag will in period of 6-12 months initiate growth of 6-7 kg ball of new roots, in charge of bringing back vitality of the tree.


10 jute bags installed around the tree will produce 60-70 kg of new roots, and that is new strength for all low vitality trees and secret of success of the Herbafertil.